Drury University

Recruitment Information

 Continuously Recruiting Outstanding Women Now (CROWN) is also known as informal recruitment or COB. While it can occur anytime after formal recruitment in the fall, crowning typically takes place in the spring semester, if the chapter has available spots. While formal recruitment consists of multiple nights, the crowning structure like above extends a bid to a potential new member (PNM) after one event.

Mu Chapter had a successful Fall recruitment in 2016, recruiting 15 incredible new members. We are excited to be able to CROWN this Spring! Our first event is January 26th and our second event is January 30th! If interested or have any questions contact our VPIII Payton Stringer (! We are very excited to have this opportunity to recruit this Spring!This Spring we successfully recruited 4 fantastic women! We look forward to getting to know our new sisters and are excited with their new journey in Zeta!