Drury University


Between keeping up with our academics and serving the community with our philanthropic efforts, we Zetas need a little time for fun. Our social activities primarily consist of exchanges and dances, both of which we look forward to all year.


An exchange is an event where we pair up with a fraternity, another sorority, or sports group on campus and participate in a fun activity. Exchanges are great opportunities for the Zetas to hang out, have fun, and meet new friends outside of our sisterhood. Some of our past exchanges have been:


-Paint Way with the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

-Murder Mystery night with the Sigma Pi Fraternity

-Painting puzzle pieces with Delta Delta Delta Sorority

-S'mores with the Kappa Alpha Order

-Kickball with the Kappa Delta Sorority


When the Zetas want to get our dance on, you can find us busting a move at one of our four dances or date nights during the year. Our first event of the year is our Fall Date Night, which usually takes place in September. In the past, we have gone ballroom dancing, lazer-tagging, and bowling with our dates. In November, we hold a Winter Formal. The Spring semester is kicked off with another date night or theme dance. The end of the school year is rounded out with one last formal dance, the White Violet Formal.